Micro Systems and Support provides complete computer networking solutions including Data  and Communications Cable installation, Wired and /or wireless installations for your standalone office, or long range wireless solutions that bridge your offices that are within line-of-sight up to a couple miles away.








Network Cable Installation

Micro Systems is a single-source provider for all your Structured Cabling needs.  We install Voice and Data network cabling, VoIP, Communications, and Phone Systems for all your telephony requirements.   Additionally we offer Video Surveillance, and Audio/Video Distribution cabling . We have served as a one-stop solution for small businesses throughout Buffalo and Western New York (WNY).

Whether you need cabling installed for new construction, upgrading your existing structured cabling, or adding new equipment – we have a solution for you.

Certified Data Cable Installation Cat 5e or Cat 6 Video Surveillance Cabling
VoIP installation Audio/ Video Installation Structured Cabling and Management
Low Voltage Cable Access Control Cable Specialty Cabling Solutions

Why Structured Cable?

According to International Engineering Consortium:

“Construction costs for the cabling of the voice, data, and BMS can be reduced by up to 30 percent when integrating the cabling and delivery methods. Moves, adds and changes can be performed more cost-effectively, with a potential savings of 25 to 40 percent for material and labor when using an open-office cabling approach.”

  • Consistency: Same cables exist everywhere in the building.
  • Support of multi-vendor equipment: You can mix and match which ever connectivity meets for budget requirements.
  • Simplifies Moves Adds and Changes: As your company grows and/or moves locations with structured cabling your network resources are always ready to go.
  • Simplifies Troubleshooting: With a wired structuring systems problems are easier to isolate and fix
  • Support of future applications: A Cat5E or Cat6 compliant system will support future applications with little (if any) system upgrades


Cut the Cord

In today’s networking world – technology has advanced significantly.  You no longer need to have a physical cable running across the floor to another remote location in your office or home.  We will evaluate your existing work environment and recommend a solution that will best meet your budget as well as your needs.  We have several solutions that can make life much easier for you and your work environment.

Long Range Wireless

Do you have a location that is within “line of sight” of your existing office that requires network connectivity?  We can set you up with a solution that will provide you with near identical bandwidth and network performance WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY FOR ANOTHER ISP SERVICE!   There are significant benefits you can obtain from this solution including remotely connecting to your other office, shared files, VoIP system, etc with hardly any loss in network performance.

Maybe you just need to extend the wireless signal within your existing structure – we can help!  Is your cell phone coverage in your office weak – or worse yet non-existent?  We have a solution that will boost your signal within your office or home and you will no longer be missing those important calls.


Slow Network Performance?

We can come in and perform some network tests on your existing equipment