The New Phone Standard

Whether you are a large or small business, the excuses for switching your phone service from traditional analog phone service to VoIP (Voice over IP) are becoming more scarce every day.  The day is coming that it will be hard, if not impossible, to make a call with traditional lines Рmuch like it is hard to take a photograph today with traditional film.

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There are several benefits you will experience when you switch over to VoIP – and for the majority of users, you will experience a very quick ROI(Return On Investment).

Several calls can simultaneously take place using the same number, which translates into cost savings. VoIP can provide up to an 80% cost savings.
Based on the plan – you can either get UNLIMITED calls locally and internationally, or pay an extremely low rate per minute per call. If you have offices located throughout the US or the world – you can save SIGNIFICANT dollars here because each call within your VoIP network is FREE. Studies have shown that, compared to using a PSTN line, using VoIP can potentially make you save up to 40 % on local calls, and up to 90 % on international calls.
Because of it’s digital nature, VoIP provides offices with a variety of other benefits such as voicemail to email, transfer calls to smartphones, On Screen presence of all phones, and unlimited call reporting capabilities. All management and maintenance tasks of the voicemail, extensions, and other administrative tasks are easily modified with a simple GUI (Graphic User Interface). Features also include Caller ID, Contact Lists, Voicemail, extra-virtual numbers etc.
Your phone closet can be freed up from all the nest of wires because all the traffic passes through your existing IP network. One box connected in line with your existing network is all you will need in most applications.
VoIP solutions have excellent mobile integration. Features like visual voicemail or voicemail-to-email so that a notification would be sent to your mobile device’s email client when a call placed to your business’ phone system is missed. After that, you could use your mobile solution to connect back with the customer right away.